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Working with professional fitness trainers and yoga teachers for 40 years!

posted Jan 2024

I have been working with professional fitness trainers and yoga teachers for 40 years and I myself am a yoga therapist.

I have known Mitch Mitchell for 20 years and in my many years in the business have never come across such a knowledgeable and responsible trainer. His attention to detail far surpasses any other trainer I have worked with in some of the top health clubs in London. Mitch really knows his stuff and delivers exactly what is an individual, appropriate and safe programme for your needs. He cleverly and gently introduces more challenging upgrades when appropriate. His knowledge is unsurpassable and he is without a doubt the best on the island. a true professional…very hard to find these days .

Lynne Oliver

M. I. A.Y.Th. (International Association of Yoga Therapists)

January 2024

A relaxing week with sport!

posted June 2023

Although we booked a relaxing holiday to a nice villa in Lanzarote we did want to do some sports during the week. So, we asked the travel agent for some tips on personal training and yoga as well.

So, I emailed Mitch Mitchell. If we could do some sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the week we were in Puerto del Carmen.

Mitch answered very polite, and answered he could not do Monday, as he was off for a bank holiday, but could do the other 2 days. It went from there and we mailed a bit back and forth on timing, costs and as well on our training level, as then he could tweak the exercises already a bit upfront.

That turned out excellent, as he came to our villa, way on time, and brought a lot of gear from his own gym, where he also welcomes his clients.

In these 2 sessions we had a very nice atmosphere, but very sporty as well. And we did very well-thought tweaked exercises that combined different muscle groups, making the one hour we had a very efficient one. Also, these exercises are not boring in number of repetitions, yet very challenging as you combine muscle groups and thus must work quite hard to do them properly.

We were very exhausted afterwards, but it felt really rewarding, so the dive in the (private) pool felt very good. But even better, the next days we did not have any muscle ache or inconveniences, so the warming up and cooling down part helped very good in that.

All in all Mitch is a very warm person that helps you sport in a friendly, but decisive manner, and you want value for what you pay. Which you get!

Definitely when we get back to Lanzarote we will book him again, or go to his gym ourselves. 

Saying that I can really recommend people to go to Mitch, or hire him to come to you in case you want to do proper personal training, and achieve your goals.

Thanks Mitch and see you soon!

Ralf & Partner

Noticeable results!

posted Feb 2023,

Having recently moved to the Island we were looking for help with our fitness goals. We contacted Mitch as we noted his experience and background, so we decided to make contact. We are glad we did as Mitch came across as very knowledgeable, personable, and understanding of our needs.

We had an initial assessment carried out and we began a programme tailored to each of us - Mitch makes the sessions challenging but fun with good banter along the way and the time flies which is a testament to his personality and his credentials.

We had noticeable results and are happy to recommend Mitch to anyone who is thinking of trying personal training for the first time or equally for people who are more experienced.

James and Daniella

Feb 2023

Without a doubt!

posted Nov 2022,

Just had a training session with Mitch Mitchell. Without a doubt the best trainer I have come across in nearly 50 years in the business of ”How to look after your body “NB …no labels! Discovering why my scoliosis has been exacerbated since my hip and leg break 5 years ago is brilliant learning and makes total sense. However, very hard work trying not to be despondent but I am going to win! Thanks Mitch for your total professionalism! I think I maybe making a come back in the New Year!


Amazing results!

posted 22 May 2022,

Another amazing 10 weeks session with Mitch, saw fantastic results, gained muscle strength and my overall  fitness has improved immensely. Most of all I’m extremely happy with my weight loss (10kg)😆😆 Thankyou Mitch really appreciate all your time and effort:)) 

Daniella May 2022

A great addition to the holiday!

posted 22 May 2022,

Mitch was very knowledgeable, friendly and covered a wide range of exercises. He understood specific needs and taylored the routine to suit. A great addition to the holiday and I will certainly be seeking his expertise again. 

Jonny May 2022

Very Motivated!

posted 2 May 2021,  

After returning to Ireland, I would like to thank you so much for the advice, support, and classes. I learned a lot and I have ordered my gym gear to get summer ready! 

Thank you so much for my personalised workout, I did it yesterday with alternative gym weights and I found it worked a charm. I shall keep it up and cannot wait to see the results. I was always anxious about not losing weight or getting where I wanted to be and now you have made me feel very motivated and better in myself. I am excited for this new healthy chapter in my life. Thank you so much!

Take care,


A lot of courage and tears!

posted 25 Aug 2020,  

If you really want to make changes to your mental and physical well-being no matter what age you are I would say with 100% conviction do at least book a consultation appointment with Mitch, just as I did at the early start of this year.

It took me a lot of courage and tears to make that contact. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I was always chubby but strong and fit. I scuba dived, rode horses, flew microlight aircraft and worked in a very active environment, then my 40’s hit and my 50’s and with all the complications this brings as a female the weight piled on.

Over 4 stone in weight the energy became less and strength and flexibility almost non-existent. I tried all diets you could think of, joined gyms but was too embarrassed to go when they were busy and always felt I did not belong there and always made excuses to leave early. Any classes I joined were too fast and too hard to follow and whilst my career was successful it was not getting me physically moving and it when it did my body was not up to it! I managed but it was a struggle. I had resigned myself to the fact I would never, ever move the weight and not be strong and flexible again and this was now my life.

A colleague recommended I tried Mitch as he is a one to one personal trainer with many, many years of experience and great patience and motivation. I had tried a personal trainer before, but I did not feel they really understood where I was at and they would just start me exercising and then leave me to it. However, I was so desperate to try and improve my poor physical ability despite having a vision in my head this was going to be ‘mostly for boys/men’ I went for my initial appointment. 

Whilst I had researched Mitch thoroughly! I still got my husband to drop me off and collect me, seems rather daft now as the one hour sessions are my mental and physical release from the entire world!!! In a perfectly safe and now, the world we live in, a Coronavirus safe environment!

At the start I was devastated to discover just how poor my strength and flexibility was and my co-ordination has often been poor but it was dreadful with weighing over 100 kilos at only 5ft 4 to start with the first week was one hell of a challenge!! As I had been active 20 years ago, I tried to put my brain back into that zone, although my body at 53 was definitely rebelling!! 

Mitch was superbly patient and clear with instructions and motivational and provided excellent distraction techniques by talking with little snippets about his wife and her work and his daughters and how proud he is of them both and how as a family they all follow good health, food and fitness practices and Mitch offered great food tips and some very interesting facts about how certain foods and drink can really affect calories on the body ... I was a chef for over 20 years, and I learnt things I did not know!! Mitch works with you every step of the way and makes sure each exercise is done correctly with good posture! My progress has been slow and steady as we had lockdown and my work meant I had to juggle appointments however towards the end of my first programme I started to notice my clothes fitted differently and I was not so out of breath, my stamina was better, I could walk for longer and faster, I could bend and twist and move and reach things far more easily even at home in the kitchen for example. This spurred me on to try even harder and I noticed I was coming out of the sessions feeling yes like I had worked out but feeling absolutely fantastic! My head was clear of anything other than the workout that has been done and I felt good!!

The final week we reviewed my measurements my flexibility and my strength and yes my progress at weight loss is slow, but I have lost inches and I am stronger and far more flexible, and this is with work interruptions, so my sessions were not as consistent as I wanted them to be and as Mitch would like them to have been.  I am now about to start my second programme with Mitch, and I cannot wait!!  Never ever since I began the menopause at 39 and came out of it at 50, never has anything ever, ever worked for me before.

I feel as if my energy, flexibility and strength I had in my 30’s is on its way back and whilst I now sail, I do believe I will be flexible and light enough to get back on a horse AND I will be fit enough to scuba dive again which is something this time last year I would have never thought could ever be a possibility.

To anyone thinking you can’t lose weight, it won’t go, feeling less strong and less flexible than you did and I am going to say if you are pre, mid or post menopause give Mitch a call and discuss. It is the best phone call I ever made! .... I just wish I had made it sooner!!!!!

Lovely gentleman, total professional, and huge knowledge of exercise and nutritional diet. 

Thank you


I cannot recommend Mitch enough!!

I was feeling extremely exhausted all the time, mainly due to symptoms caused by the menopause, and of course the lock down did not help matters.

I am also sick of reading that women “of a certain age” cannot lose weight without tablets.  They are wrong! What you need is a committed trainer. Mitch is that trainer. He creates a personal exercise programme according to your own special needs, age, body type and fitness level.

During each session he pays close attention to your performance and adapts the programme as your progress evolves – so it is NEVER boring (in fact, the hour flies by). I have been able to go to 3 sessions per week since the lock down restrictions were lifted and I have lost 4 kilos without effort or strict dieting and I can already see changes in my body shape. Friends are noticing too! My energy levels have gone up and, honestly, I am feeling the best I have felt in a very, very long time.

I think it is also very important to mention that Mitch is very professional, and all times treats in you an appropriate principled manner. This is a very important and reassuring detail for many ladies. You will feel comfortable while you are exercising. Mitch has a great sense of humour too! So, you will also have a good laugh while you are getting into shape!!

Thank you, Mitch!

Cheryl 2020

"Best thing I ever done"!

posted 1 Oct 2019,

I have just completed a 6-week course with Mitch and it’s the best thing I have ever done! I found Mitch on a Facebook page and at first, I was a bit wary about starting the course as I have a low fitness level and have done absolutely nothing in the last year. Mitch was excellent, making a program that suited me, and that I was actually able to do! It’s the best decision I have ever made, as he is so kind and professional, explaining everything along the way and making the exercise regime personal to my abilities. I have lost 2 kilos and 9 and a half inches from different areas of my body! My fitness level has soared, I have gone from only being able to do 6 push ups barely to being able to do 20!!

I have just booked another 6 weeks with Mitch and am actually enjoying the sessions and can’t wait to keep going! If you’re looking for a personal trainer then Mitch is definitely the person to go to, I can recommend him 100% and this is from a person who previously couldn’t get up a flight of stairs without stopping to catch her breath!!



Sept 2019

Never say Never!

posted 28 Jul 2019, 

I have just finished a 6 week fitness programme with Mitch. My first, but definitely not my last contact with Mitch!

I have shied away from most forms of exercise all of my life, as I only really like swimming & walking.

BUT, now I am of a certain age & experiencing menopausal symptoms and feeling, fat, sluggish and very unfit I decided to contact Mitch.

My friend who was far worse than I am was a client of Mitch's many years ago, & I previously witnessed the miraculous changes in her which was why I contacted Mitch & already had a lot of confidence in him!

Well, I have not been disappointed at all!

Despite having to reschedule/interrupt the continuity of my sessions due to a bereavement/other reasons I have still managed to have great results! I am absolutely delighted, & my friends have all commented on how trim & toned I am, and have even gone down a size in certain clothes. Another change I have noticed, is in my balance, general self confidence and I also no longer get gastritis. My goal was to feel and look better, and I have definitely achieved these goals plus some! 

I highly recommend Mitch, who is a highly professional individual and also a lovely person to work with.

I never thought that I would say that I like exercising (properly that is!) But I do now!

So all you ladies .... & men who are thinking about it, all I can say is just Do It! You won't regret it .... I promise you! Looking forward to my next course with Mitch! Thank you Mitch!!!


June 2019

Long absence!

posted 31 Mar 2019, 

After a fairly long absence from the gym I needed to get back in shape and needed

some motivation so I decided to sign up with Mitch for an initial 6 week course, which I’ve just finished. Mitch was very professional, thorough and made the sessions enjoyable. After 6 weeks I feel in much better shape, my aim was to tone up and improve my body strength. At my first consultation I managed 5 or 6 press ups - at the end of the 6 weeks I did 26 - my overall core strength has improved significantly! I would definitely recommend Mitch.


March 2019

So glad I contacted Mitch!

posted 17 Feb 2019, 

I have not been happy with my weight and body shape for some time. So, I thought it was about time to make a change. I know that on my own I would not be able to get going so I contacted Mitch.

First appointment was not exercise straight away, it was more of a very professional consultation and explanation with tests and heart monitoring to see whether I would be in a fit and healthy enough condition to get the 6-week programme started. The 1st consultation gave me a very good impression of how professional Mitch works and I knew that I would be in good hands for the time coming.

We started the first couple of weeks working the full body, it was good fun and motivating with constant changing exercises, so it never gets boring.

Now my 1st program of 6 weeks is up. The results I am very pleased with. Lost 33 cm of body circumference and 5 kilos less.

This has motivated me to sign up for another 6 weeks.

Really looking forward to the next sessions. I want to thank you, as I know on my own, I would have given up after 2 weeks of training!

G. Weber February 2019

An amazing week!

posted 15 Mar 2017, 

"My 74-year-old mother and I trained with Mitch every morning for a week whilst on holiday in Lanzarote and came home feeling fitter than either of us have been for years. Mitch pushes you hard but also takes the time to explain exercises. He also tailors training exactly to your needs and understands physical problems, drawing from his years of experience working with people. 

On top of that he's a really nice man - we couldn't recommend him more."

I remember all your exercises and have been doing many of them when I'm training by myself.

Thanks again for the amazing week

Rob 2017


posted 31 Jan 2017, 

In 2008, after very debilitating breast cancer surgery and treatment, I began working out with Mitch once a week during the six months a year we’re on the island. My husband and I both credit much of my return to an active life to the careful, competent, fun and challenging training Mitch has been taking me through, and inspiring me to continue. 

Lately, after some weird sort of hip injury (don’t tell me it’s my age!), he creatively and immediately re-invented my training regimen. I am now practically without a limp, without pain. 

A VERY HAPPY 71 year old! Lucky me.

Thank you, Mitch.

Susan S

A rewarding journey!

posted 4 Jan 2017, 

I started training with Mitch after reading his website and testimonials, I decided to make contact. 

From day one I have always found Mitch to be on time, gives you 100% of his attention and always correcting your form. His knowledge and love of the job shows in everything he does. He makes you feel comfortable and will motivate and push you. 

I'd recommend Mitch to anyone looking for a dedicated, motivated personal trainer who can make getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey. This guy has changed my life for the better and can not thank Mitch enough for this.

I work long hours and have a busy family life but squashing Mitch into my busy time schedule has made me a better and stronger person. 

I look forward to carrying on training with Mitch.

Richard 2017

For the past four years I have been working with Mitch during the winter months. I am now rocking up towards 70 and have never been fitter in my life. It isn't the type of fitness you see in youngsters, but for me it is just right. 

When I started, I was clocked by the doctor as being obese and had difficulty walking any distance or bending...well a whole host of issues really including getting up from a settee. By slowly losing weight which has been helped by my increased mobility, I recently found that I was back in a size 14. I look about ten years younger..I haven't ended up with bingo wings or wrinkles through dieting too quickly - I just eat sensibly and walk more as well as my gym sessions with Mitch each week. Other benefits have been coming off a skip of medication and vastly improved mobility and, most importantly, I feel younger too!

Thanks Mitch!

Stella West-Harling 201

At the end of July my sister and I signed up to Mitch's six week programme. Over the past couple of years we had both put on weight and basically let ourselves go. The most exercise I had done was walk to and from the car and my sister was not much better. We both decided that something had to be done.

Mitch designed a specific exercise plan for us tailored to our needs and one that would help us achieve our goals along with a meal plan with plenty of suggestions of what sort of foods we should eat.

We trained for three one hour sessions per week. Two hours with Mitch where he trained us to build up muscle and improve our stamina. We did a lot of cardio and ab work and some self defense. Then on the last session of the week we had Shona, she helped us to improve our flexibility and to target specific areas of our bodies that we wanted to work on. We also got to spend the last 20 minutes or so working out in the pool which was thoroughly refreshing and definitely needed after an intense session in the summer heat. Thanks to Mitch and Shona we spent the last six weeks losing kilos and inches, improving our bodies and our fitness and we certainly couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you both.

Katie & Daniella


My journey...

posted 15 Nov 2015, 

My name is Jordan and like a lot of young people of today I lost my way and my motivation of life.

I lived in the four walls of my bedroom making contact with the outside world through the internet via Facebook etc, sleeping by day and up all night raiding the fridge and not doing any exercise led to my weight ballooning to 25 stone 

( approx 158 kilos). This you can imagine drained me totally of any confidence or social skills that I may have had.

My parents were at their wits end as what to do with me. At this point I came to Lanzarote to live with my mums family and contacted Mitch. 

This is where my journey to get my life back started.

Mitch gave me a questionnaire about my lifestyle and health background. We had a frank discussion of what I wanted from my sessions and how committed I was. Mitch then explained the program I was going to follow. I was to build up my strength and at the same time loose weight. Over the next five months with three sessions per week this is exactly what happened. Through this time the dedication and support was continuous from Mitch, always pushing me forward and not allowing any question of defeat. 

Because of this I am now ready and able to return to England with confidence and renewed hope for my future.

Thanks Mitch

Jordan 2015