List of Services & Prices

We all know there are benefits to be had from exercising, but sometimes it seems such a tough mountain to climb that we´d rather crawl onto the sofa and stick the telly on. But exercise is wonderful for our well-being.

It can refresh, energise and rejuvenate like no other tonic, and once you get started it is much easier to carry on.

Personal training is not about training the rich and famous but, more significantly, about making education regarding health and fitness available to a wide range of different people including asthmatics, diabetics, cardiac patients, the obese, the elderly and children.

Personal training not only assists clients in achieving their fitness goals, but also to sustain their level of enthusiasm and commitment to their lifestyle change.

How much is each session?

The normal price is 30 euros a session, however this is significantly reduced if you sign up for a motivational package, reducing the session to 25 euros.

There are other packages available on request.

Specialist Services

  • Personal customised fitness program

  • Boxercise

  • Weight training

  • Tabata protocols

  • Nordic Walking

  • Kick box

  • Ironman training

  • Kidz fit & self-confidence

  • Exercise in water / aqua aerobic

  • Enhanced self-defence

  • Senior Fitness

  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise

  • Nutrition & Advice

  • PT Xpress

  • PT Twin (Partner Training)

  • Stress & relaxation techniques

  • Applied kinesiology

  • Stabilisation/ability/balance training.

  • Rehabilitation exercise and much more.

  • GP referrals (cardiac, diabetes etc)

Private and Confidential Personal Training holiday in Lanzarote.

Your PT holiday is designed to provide you with the kick-start you need to get back on track with those elusive health, fitness and weight-loss goals.

Option Self- Catering - We have a wide selection of villas and apartments

GP referrals (cardiac, diabetes etc) Also Fit for surgery

To help you take steps to:-

  • improve your health

  • a faster recovery

  • a shorter stay in the hospital

  • to lessen your risk of further surgery or health issues