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posted 4 Nov 2018, 05:20 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 4 Nov 2018, 05:25 ]

 I began training with Mitch seven weeks ago and the difference in my physical and mental well-being in this relatively short time has been immense.  Some of my friends thought I was mad signing up with a personal trainer, saying things such as ‘Just go to the gym.  You can do it yourself!’  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It was my brother who recommended me to sign up with a PT, who himself is an ex-professional MMA competitor and current martial arts instructor.  He told me that getting a PT would help me immeasurably, and he was right.  Always listen to the professionals and Mitch is also one of them. 

Mitch is a very organised, professional and personable trainer, catering for your individual needs and is positive and encouraging at all times.  He also makes the sessions fun, his calm approach enabling a positive environment for the client to feel comfortable to train within and ask questions without being made to feel uncomfortable.  Having said this, don’t be fooled!  The sessions are tough and he expects effort and commitment, which in turn makes them very satisfying and fulfilling.

On a personal note, I am extremely happy with the progress I have made in such a short period of time.  I have lost 6 kilos, feel mentally sharper, more positive, physically fitter and stronger.  Also, my endurance has increased as well as my ability to recover from a hard session. The sense of achievement is also incredibly fulfilling, seeing my body shape changing and the fat disappearing before my very eyes.

If you are thinking about signing up with a PT but have some reservations, then I would say just go for it.  There are no negatives and the difference you will feel is priceless, so give Mitch a try.  I can personally guarantee you won’t be disappointed!



Whilst on holiday....

posted 18 Aug 2018, 03:23 by Mitch Mitchell

I come to Lanzarote every year (sometimes more than once!) and this time
decided to treat myself to a couple of PT sessions, I found Mitch on Facebook and cannot recommend him highly enough, he drove all the way across the island to train me at my villa and seriously put me through my paces! A Great varied whole-body workout ending in my fave Tabata! Thanks Mitch! See you next time

Louisa 2018


posted 14 Aug 2018, 01:42 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 18 Aug 2018, 03:00 ]

Decided on my recent 6 week trip to Lanzarote that I needed to keep myself active and watch the weight so decided to contact Mitch and after having the initial consultation I decided that I would commit and sign up for 3 sessions per week and I am so glad I did not only was each and every session enjoyable but it was also varied and tailored to the progress I was making. 
It helps that Mitch is able to keep the sessions fresh and provides motivation throughout each and every session. 

I as I s
uspect lots of people haven’t done much training but felt always comfortable in what I was doing and never felt that the workout was too hard for me to complete and that’s totally down to how Mitch tailors your personal program to your own level of fitness. It was a pleasure using Mitch’s services and I would certainly recommend contacting him whatever your fitness may be as he will be having you make progress each and every session. 

Thanks Mitch for all of you help, Craig. 2018

Just a short time!

posted 22 Jul 2018, 06:34 by Mitch Mitchell

I have only been training with Mitch for a short time, but I can honestly say I have
enjoyed every minute, I did a lot of research here on the island (as there are so many PT's) before starting a course as I really needed someone who knew about health, nutrition and everything (as I come with a few health issues!!) and also something to suit me as I did not want to spend hours on a treadmill or bike etc, so the style of training he does really suits me and it’s so varied and the session is over before I know it.

I will also be truly honest and say that I was concerned about the idea of training (getting all sweaty and making mistakes) right in front of someone as opposed to hiding at the back of a class...but honestly it hasn't even crossed my mind since day one as he makes you feel so comfortable from the start, and I noticed significant changes in my body but also my mindset by the end first week...

So, if anyone is considering a PT, I cannot recommend him highly enough, he is kind, and patient and funny too...and really knows his stuff...I really look forward to each session and anyone who really knows me knows that those words are a miracle out of my mouth ha-ha!!!!

Thanks Mitch!!!

July 2018

Bring it on!!!

posted 16 Dec 2017, 00:06 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 16 Dec 2017, 11:09 ]

I've never used a PT before and was a bit nervous. 
I absolutely loved the 6-week course, Mitch was patient and encouraging and willing to answer anything and explain everything. I lost 6 inches in 6 weeks and finished a lot stronger than I started. The food plan was very useful, and even though my priority wasn't to lose weight, I did lose 3 kilos. I've enjoyed it that much, I have just booked another 6-week course. Bring it on!!

December 2017

Nothing but praise!

posted 6 Nov 2017, 23:32 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 7 Nov 2017, 01:30 ]

This is my 2nd testimonial for Mitch Mitchell and I have nothing but praise, I spent the summer with Mitch, training 3 times a week. Like many I was apprehensive about starting, fearful at not being able to do some of the exercises having never done anything in the gym before. 
Mitch personalised each of my 6-week programs to my ability with gradual progression to improve my fitness levels. Having suffered with anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure previously I saw a huge improvement in all areas. I surprised myself with how I enjoyed training, that is down to Mitch making training fun with lots of different exercises, and pushing you to see results, it becomes part of life knowing you are becoming healthier, so much so I wanted to continue after each 6-week program. I definitely felt happier and more confident having lost inches, seeing my body shape change and going down 2 dress sizes!!

Due to personal circumstances I have had to take a break from attending training sessions with Mitch for the moment, he was so kind and understanding in this matter, I am super eager to restart again in the New Year.

Do not hesitate to contact Mitch, do it now!! You will feel so much better and soon see results.

Jayne 2017

Fitter and Happier!

posted 15 Oct 2017, 05:07 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 15 Oct 2017, 06:35 ]

When I started training with Mitch I had such a low ebb, my body confidence was zero, I knew my body shape was changing with middle age and my limitations from an accident meant I could not be as active as I was. I started with Mitch and was shocked by the photos my friend took of our first session I looked awful in a short top and leggings. 

Four months on I am shocked by the change in my body over 40 cm lost in total, 3 kilos in weight and again buying skimpy dresses showing off my figure. Thank you so much Mitch for matching my sessions to my abilities and improving my upper body strength to the degree I can now lift my Western saddle on my horse with ease. Feeling fitter and happier than I have in years!

Sally Ann 2017

Challenging and Effective!

posted 26 Aug 2017, 03:35 by Mitch Mitchell

I engaged Mitch as my personal trainer whilst holidaying in Lanzarote and wanted to fly him home first class! 
Thankfully Mitch also offers Skype classes so I can continue my personal training post holidays. Mitch provided me with a tailor made programme, which was entertaining (the sessions flew by), challenging and effective without making me feel inadequate (I had not trained for a while!) His work with obese children and cancer patients is a testimony to his huge heart. A friendly professional - I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Massively pleased!

posted 30 Jun 2017, 00:02 by Mitch Mitchell

I know I wrote a testimonial after my first 6 weeks in which I was massively
pleased to lose inches – lots of them, but having just been weighed and measured I felt the need to do another one.
Mitch changed the programme for the second block of 6 weeks to target weight loss as well as inch loss. The new programme was hard, but not so much so that I couldn’t move the day after a workout. I enjoyed learning the new programme and I took the nutrition advice offered by Mitch this time too.
The result after almost 5 weeks (weighed and measured 10 days early as I am going away) was nothing short of amazing. I had lost inches – another 6 overall and an immense 9 kilos – yes NINE KILOS! To say I am thrilled is an understatement. I never once felt deprived of food, even went to the chinese for a meal a week before weigh in. The workouts are tailored to individual needs as mine shows. I have another 5 kilos to shift and I have no doubt whatsoever that I will do this with Mitch’s help.
If you want a trainer who delivers results and you are prepared to do the work, then go with Mitch. It is a personal programme in a private gym and it works

Thanks Mitch


Smiling a lot more!

posted 21 Jun 2017, 09:51 by Mitch Mitchell

After a personal tragedy, staring at the walls for a year, letting myself go and feeling thoroughly depressed with the weight I had put on and wanting to hide myself, I decided that only I could change this but I needed help to do so.

I knew Mitch came highly recommended as a personal trainer so arranged a consultation. He immediately put me at ease, understood what I felt and what I wanted to change.

I am now at the end of my first six week program (just started my second) and feeling fantastic. Each session passes so fast due to Mitch and the way he introduces exercise and fitness, I was surprised to find myself enjoying it but I really do...... he encourages in just the right way, and knows exactly what each person can achieve. I had problems with blood pressure previously and on each session this got better, also the amount of hours I am sleeping has greatly improved and I am smiling a lot more!!!! I really feel much happier, even more so when Mitch told me I had lost 6 inches in total and gained 4 inches in flexibility!

I have nothing but praise for Mitch and endless thank you´s!!!!!!! I can´t wait to see more results at the end of this 6 week program.

Jayne 2017

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