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Vino y Tapas!

posted 26 May 2017, 23:41 by Mitch Mitchell

I moved to Lanzarote almost 2 years ago and I treated it like an extended holiday,
overindulging in vino and tapas 
and forgetting any exercise other than a dip in the pool when it was too hot. 
Having decided ‘enough is enough’ when I couldn’t fit into my favourite jeans, I decided to get back to exercise. Over the years I have been to many gyms, usually giving up when I can’t see any changes. I have done many fitness programmes with many trainers but none have given me the results that I have got with Mitch in just 6 weeks! 

I met up with him at his home gym and explained what I wanted to achieve, signed up for a six week course, turned up 3 times a week and did what he told me to do. In my first six weeks I trebled the amount of push-ups I could do, increased my flexibility and fitness levels and lost 5 inches from my body and a further inch from each arm! Incredible results without a diet, although for the last couple of weeks I have used his food plan (never once being hungry or feeling massively deprived). I have just signed up for the next six weeks and look forward to weight loss and more inches off with a further increase in flexibility and muscle tone. Although my results speak for themselves there are also the results that don’t show on the outside, the increase in confidence and self-belief, the sense of achievement and feeling fitter and stronger in myself.

If you want to work out in a private gym, with coaching completely tailored to your needs and ability with a really nice bloke who instills self-belief and motivates without being pushy then Mitch is your trainer. 

I really cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Tracey 2017