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Thank you!

posted 12 Oct 2014, 06:30 by Mitch Mitchell

Dear Mitch,

My dear friend left for Italy today saying she had only one regret - that she hadn't hugged you when she left your studio!

You were wonderful with her, Mitch. Highly professional and also generous. You helped her discover that she can do more than she knew and that her limitations have a reason, one she can work on.

I was moved by how you treated her with so much respect, never making her feel embarrassed, nor encouraging her to take unwise risks. A great balance – as much as she could, not more but not less either.

I feel I can build on that experience with her, supporting her (by phone) to get assistance in moving. Turns out there is a good gym right where she lives, with a well trained staff. I believe it’ll be less difficult now, after her experience with you, to get her to work out!

So here is a hug from my friend, and also one from me.
All the best,