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Something not to miss!

posted 19 Jul 2015, 03:24 by Mitch Mitchell
I began training with Mitch because of recurring Lumbago, which in the last year laid me flat on by back three times. I was beginning to think I would have to cut back my activities, especially working in the garden as well as the long walks I used to love. I also like to build outdoor sculptures with stones, and that was getting more and more difficult .I began to be overly cautious about doing anything for fear another attack would occur.
I knew I needed more physical exercise and muscle strengthening work to help build core strength. I also was feeling more and more stiffer, and at 61, I was beginning to be concerned about what the future would hold for me.
Training with Mitch as has made all the difference to my condition. I find him an extremely reliable and inspirational trainer. He seems to know exactly what I need. I am someone who needs to be challenged, and he sets just the right pace and level to make me feel good about training.

I normally did not like physical and weight training, but I have seen how beneficial they can be when taught by such a competent and motivated trainer.

Training with Mitch is something not to miss.

Norbert Wehner