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So glad I contacted Mitch!

posted 17 Feb 2019, 05:02 by Mitch Mitchell

I have not been happy with my weight and body shape for some time. So, I thought it was about time to make a change. I know that on my own I would not be able to get going so I contacted Mitch.

First appointment was not exercise straight away, it was more of a very professional consultation and explanation with tests and heart monitoring to see whether I would be in a fit and healthy enough condition to get the 6-week programme started. The 1st consultation gave me a very good impression of how professional Mitch works and I knew that I would be in good hands for the time coming.

We started the first couple of weeks working the full body, it was good fun and motivating with constant changing exercises, so it never gets boring.

Now my 1st program of 6 weeks is up. The results I am very pleased with. Lost 33 cm of body circumference and 5 kilos less.

This has motivated me to sign up for another 6 weeks.

Really looking forward to the next sessions. I want to thank you, as I know on my own, I would have given up after 2 weeks of training!

G. Weber February 2019