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Rocking up towards 70! You´re never too old to be young!

posted 1 Dec 2016, 13:33 by Mitch Mitchell
Image result for lanzarote in winterFor the past four years I have been working with Mitch during the winter months. I am now rocking up towards 70 and have never been fitter in my life. It isn't the type of fitness you see in youngsters, but for me it is just right. 
When I started, I was clocked by the doctor as being obese and had difficulty walking any distance or bending...well a whole host of issues really including getting up from a settee. By slowly losing weight which has been helped by my increased mobility, I recently found that I was back in a size 14. I look about ten years younger..I haven't ended up with bingo wings or wrinkles through dieting too quickly - I just eat sensibly and walk more as well as my gym sessions with Mitch each week. Other benefits have been coming off a skip of medication and vastly improved mobility and, most importantly, I feel younger too!
Thanks Mitch!

Stella West-Harling 2016