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posted 14 Aug 2018, 01:42 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 18 Aug 2018, 03:00 ]
Decided on my recent 6 week trip to Lanzarote that I needed to keep myself active and watch the weight so decided to contact Mitch and after having the initial consultation I decided that I would commit and sign up for 3 sessions per week and I am so glad I did not only was each and every session enjoyable but it was also varied and tailored to the progress I was making. 
It helps that Mitch is able to keep the sessions fresh and provides motivation throughout each and every session. 

I as I s
uspect lots of people haven’t done much training but felt always comfortable in what I was doing and never felt that the workout was too hard for me to complete and that’s totally down to how Mitch tailors your personal program to your own level of fitness. It was a pleasure using Mitch’s services and I would certainly recommend contacting him whatever your fitness may be as he will be having you make progress each and every session. 

Thanks Mitch for all of you help, Craig. 2018