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Post-Lockdown workout with commitment!

posted 29 Jun 2020, 09:50 by Mitch Mitchell

I cannot recommend Mitch enough!!

I was feeling extremely exhausted all the time, mainly due to symptoms caused by the menopause, and of course the lock down did not help matters.

I am also sick of reading that women “of a certain age” cannot lose weight without tablets.  They are wrong! What you need is a committed trainer. Mitch is that trainer. He creates a personal exercise programme according to your own special needs, age, body type and fitness level.

During each session he pays close attention to your performance and adapts the programme as your progress evolves – so it is NEVER boring (in fact, the hour flies by). I have been able to go to 3 sessions per week since the lock down restrictions were lifted and I have lost 4 kilos without effort or strict dieting and I can already see changes in my body shape. Friends are noticing too! My energy levels have gone up and, honestly, I am feeling the best I have felt in a very, very long time.

I think it is also very important to mention that Mitch is very professional, and all times treats in you an appropriate principled manner. This is a very important and reassuring detail for many ladies. You will feel comfortable while you are exercising. Mitch has a great sense of humour too! So, you will also have a good laugh while you are getting into shape!!

Thank you, Mitch!

Cheryl 2020