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Never say Never!

posted 28 Jul 2019, 05:31 by Mitch Mitchell

I have just finished a 6 week fitness programme with Mitch. My first, but definitely not my last contact with Mitch!

I have shied away from most forms of exercise all of my life, as I only really like swimming & walking.
BUT, now I am of a certain age & experiencing menopausal symptoms and feeling, fat, sluggish and very unfit I decided to contact Mitch.

My friend who was far worse than I am was a client of Mitch's many years ago, & I previously witnessed the miraculous changes in her which was why I contacted Mitch & already had a lot of confidence in him!

Well, I have not been disappointed at all!
Despite having to reschedule/interrupt the continuity of my sessions due to a bereavement/other reasons I have still managed to have great results! I am absolutely delighted, & my friends have all commented on how trim & toned I am, and have even gone down a size in certain clothes. Another change I have noticed, is in my balance, general self confidence and I also no longer get gastritis. My goal was to feel and look better, and I have definitely achieved these goals plus some! 

I highly recommend Mitch, who is a highly professional individual and also a lovely person to work with.

I never thought that I would say that I like exercising (properly that is!) But I do now!

So all you ladies .... & men who are thinking about it, all I can say is just Do It! You won't regret it .... I promise you! Looking forward to my next course with Mitch! Thank you Mitch!!!

June 2019