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My journey...

posted 15 Nov 2015, 04:59 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 15 Nov 2015, 05:03 ]
My name is Jordan and like a lot of young people of today I lost my way and my motivation of life.
I lived in the four walls of my bedroom making contact with the outside world through the internet via Facebook etc, sleeping by day and up all night raiding the fridge and not doing any exercise led to my weight ballooning to 25 stone 
( approx 158 kilos). This you can imagine drained me totally of any confidence or social skills that I may have had.
My parents were at their wits end as what to do with me. At this point I came to Lanzarote to live with my mums family and contacted Mitch. 

This is where my journey to get my life back started.

Mitch gave me a questionnaire about my lifestyle and health background. We had a frank discussion of what I wanted from my sessions and how committed I was. Mitch then explained the program I was going to follow. I was to build up my strength and at the same time loose weight. Over the next five months with three sessions per week this is exactly what happened. Through this time the dedication and support was continuous from Mitch, always pushing me forward and not allowing any question of defeat. 
Because of this I am now ready and able to return to England with confidence and renewed hope for my future.
Thanks Mitch

Jordan 2015