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posted 6 Mar 2011, 05:30 by Mitch Mitchell
I knew from the first time I talked with Mitch that he was completely different to the other coaches I’ve worked with. His training plans weren’t “off the shelf" "one size fits all" rubbish but carefully structured and well researched to my needs. I think the thing that makes Mitch such a great coach is that at times he knew me better than I knew myself while he was totally focused on my goals, my strengths and improving my weaknesses, he could also see when I or my body were starting to tire and what to do to keep me strong and motivated on the path to Ironman


In end the end I knocked an hour and a half of my best Ironman time and still felt great at the finish, I was also able to recover quickly and get ready for my next event with the same positive attitude that Mitch installs in you whenever you train with him


Thanks Mitch, I can honestly say that without your coaching I don´t even know if I could have finished this year’s race, let alone as strongly as I did (or with as much fun)


Mike 2010