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Laura J

posted 6 Mar 2011, 05:24 by Mitch Mitchell

Mitch had been my Personal Trainer for just over two years and I would happily recommend him to anyone.


I first contacted Mitch because I was unhappy with my weight and fitness levels and to be honest thought I was beyond help! Mitch however was very professional and after finding out a little more about me, my lifestyle and goals, he drew up a program to suit my individual needs. Mitch monitors my fitness levels, achievements and goals regularly and changes this program accordingly.


The exercise programmes are always very varied, everything from Boxercise, to Weights, to Pool Aerobics and this in turn makes them enjoyable.  Although it is a ´struggle’ sometimes to get my session with Mitch I always leave feeling refreshed and re-charged.


Mitch is always happy to help with any advice he can give on diet, exercise, health issues etc...He has often researched issues on my behalf and presented me with any relevant information which I have found very useful.


As well as all of the above, Mitch has a great personality which is very important when you are spending time on a one-to-one basis. He is very approachable, easy to get on with and even quite funny sometimes!!!


In the last two and a half years, following a sensible(ish!) diet and Mitch´s training program, I have managed to lose over 40 kilos, something I am sure I would not have accomplished without Mitch´s help. My fitness levels have improved enormously and I am much happier with myself and consequently with my life in general.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Mitch.


Laura J


Lanzarote, January 2009