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Keeping up the momentum!

posted 2 Sept 2014, 09:53 by Mitch Mitchell

I booked Mitch over the internet for a couple of sessions in Mid-August in Lanzarote, I am training for an endurance race in Ireland and the annual holiday was straight in the middle of my training plan so needed to keep the momentum up while away. On the first day of my holiday when running I strained my hamstring and rang Mitch to give him the news and more or less cancel the sessions which I had previously booked prior to heading to Lanzarote. Mitch assured me that he would have no problem providing me with a good workout even with the sore hamstring and to come out anyway for a review of the leg. When I went out to Mitch's house, which is very easy to find, he had a comprehensive miniature gym and pool at home which he certainly uses to good effect, we did a lot of core work and some bag work all the time taking account of the fact that I had very sore legs. With the type of training that I did I found huge benefit but what sticks in my head about my sessions with Mitch was the advice I received from him for when I returned to Ireland and for future training. Mitch has a lot of experience and doesn't hesitate in sharing the knowledge.


See you in 2015 Mitch.

Benny Ireland