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I used to drink, chase women and have a seriously unhealthy lifestyle….by Alan Gandy

posted 3 Apr 2012, 02:11 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 3 Apr 2012, 02:17 ]

Now I just do each in moderation. No, I haven’t found Jesus – I met Mitch! Six months ago I was a lazy good for nothing, overweight middle aged guy – now I’m a lazy good for nothing, not so overweight middle aged guy.

Seriously, talking to Mitch well in advance of this up-coming walk was the best thing I could have done. Right now I’m feeling great, and just want to get on with it. The credit for that has to go to Mitch. I’ve been far from the perfect client for him – self-discipline is not my forte, and the training has been interrupted along the way by trips overseas, volume of work, and plagued by injuries – more often than not ‘dog related’.

However, spurred on especially this last couple of months by comments like, “You’re looking well”, “You’ve lost weight”, culminating in a comment a couple of days ago from Helen’s (Wax), ” Bloody hell, it’s falling off you, what happened”?  to which my reply was simply “Mitch did it!”; I’m feeling better than I have done in a long time.

Working with him has changed me for the better. I’m drinking far less than I was, I am eating better, and have got into the ‘habit’ of exercise. Mitch’s program was tailored just for me – the word ‘personal’ in the handle personal trainer sums it up perfectly. The program he designed for me isn’t the beasting I expected – it’s all about getting the maximum results from the least effort – which is right up my street!

I really can’t speak highly enough of Mitch. It’s not just getting ready for the walk I have to thank him for, I fully intend to carry on some of the lifestyle changes I’ve made once this is all over. It might sound a bit dramatic to say Mitch has changed my life, but he sure as hell has changed my lifestyle!

Really – male or female, whatever your age or state of health, whether you’re aspiring to Iron Man, or simply just want to lose a couple of pounds or get into shape – Mitch (who I’ve affectionately named in my own head ‘the man in black’) is most definitely your man!