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posted 5 Nov 2015, 23:33 by Mitch Mitchell
 Image result for inspirational imagesI just want to say how much I enjoy my sessions with you Mitch. 

 I had become lethargic, with little energy, my arms and shoulders had become weak and I had put weight on too.

 Mitch, at my first assessment, noticed this and tailored my training program to suit.
 I've lost weight, become more toned and my arms are stronger.
 The best is that I am now more active and energetic, with an incentive to go out and  do things.  
 He is very professional and knowledgeable, his sessions are well worked out and I've  never known an hours training go so quickly.  
 He has a great sense of humour and we've had some good laughs too.  

 Thanks a lot Mitch, 
 Tony 2015