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I actually enjoy exercise!

posted 7 Dec 2012, 00:55 by Mitch Mitchell
I actually enjoy exercise!

"I've recently completed 2 x 12 week exercise programs with Mitch and he has noticeably changed the shape of my body, specifically targeting my arms and tummy area.

Thanks to Mitch I've lost 12 inches from my waist / abdomen / hips, lost weight, increased my overall flexibility and generally improved my cardio fitness levels.

I cannot speak highly enough about Mitch.  He motivates you to work hard, with constant encouragement and praise, but at the same time always maintaining a close watch to ensure that you are doing things correctly.  He is always punctual with his appointment times, checks your blood pressure and heart rate at the beginning of every session, and makes sure you perform 'warm up' and 'cool down' exercises each time.

The exercise routines are constantly changed to avoid boredom and to stimulate different muscle groups - I cannot believe how quickly the hour passes!

Thank you so much Mitch for making me look forward to and actually ENJOY exercise for the first time in my life! "

Christine W
Playa Blanca