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Fitter and Happier!

posted 15 Oct 2017, 05:07 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 15 Oct 2017, 06:35 ]

When I started training with Mitch I had such a low ebb, my body confidence was zero, I knew my body shape was changing with middle age and my limitations from an accident meant I could not be as active as I was. I started with Mitch and was shocked by the photos my friend took of our first session I looked awful in a short top and leggings. 

Four months on I am shocked by the change in my body over 40 cm lost in total, 3 kilos in weight and again buying skimpy dresses showing off my figure. Thank you so much Mitch for matching my sessions to my abilities and improving my upper body strength to the degree I can now lift my Western saddle on my horse with ease. Feeling fitter and happier than I have in years!

Sally Ann 2017