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Beach-ready Workout!!!

posted 13 Sept 2011, 15:04 by Mitch Mitchell   [ updated 14 Sept 2011, 09:32 ]

Hi Mitch


As promised;


After responsibly losing 28 kilos over a one year period I decided I needed to take it one step further and get my new smaller body nice and toned. 


As a single working mum I found it hard to both find the time, and give myself the motivation to get to the gym, any kind of exercise usually took second place to delivering my child to her own activity classes, which looking back was probably just an excuse.


After doing some research I was really interested in the beach ready work out program, so I took the plunge and started training with Mitch.


Mitch took lots of details from me and did several tests to make sure I was up to it, which were later used to measure my achievements.


I specifically said that I didn’t want to lose any more weight and only gain muscle and tone my body up.  Mitch designed a program specific to me which helped me achieve exactly that.


In six weeks I have seen a really positive change not only in my body shape but in my mental attitude as well.  I have lost 8 inches from my waist, abdomen and hips!  I stress that this did not in any way involve starving myself, quite the contrary!


I have to say that I have enjoyed it so much that I really don’t want to stop my training with Mitch, so I am now continuing to train with him 2 days a week to maintain and build upon what I have already achieved.


This suits my busy lifestyle perfectly as each training session is one to one so I get maximum gain out of a one hour period which is completely bespoke to my needs.


My daughter comes along with me which is a wonderful learning experience for her as well as she can hear all the health information and guidance that Mitch is providing along the way.


I recommend training with Mitch 100%, it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Claire Rennison

VAT Advisor


Mobile: 07815 963 146