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A lot of courage and tears!

posted 25 Aug 2020, 03:20 by Mitch Mitchell
If you really want to make changes to your mental and physical well-being no matter what age you are I would say with 100% conviction do at least book a consultation appointment with Mitch, just as I did at the early start of this year.

It took me a lot of courage and tears to make that contact. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I was always chubby but strong and fit. I scuba dived, rode horses, flew microlight aircraft and worked in a very active environment, then my 40’s hit and my 50’s and with all the complications this brings as a female the weight piled on.

Over 4 stone in weight the energy became less and strength and flexibility almost non-existent. I tried all diets you could think of, joined gyms but was too embarrassed to go when they were busy and always felt I did not belong there and always made excuses to leave early. Any classes I joined were too fast and too hard to follow and whilst my career was successful it was not getting me physically moving and it when it did my body was not up to it! I managed but it was a struggle. I had resigned myself to the fact I would never, ever move the weight and not be strong and flexible again and this was now my life.

A colleague recommended I tried Mitch as he is a one to one personal trainer with many, many years of experience and great patience and motivation. I had tried a personal trainer before, but I did not feel they really understood where I was at and they would just start me exercising and then leave me to it. However, I was so desperate to try and improve my poor physical ability despite having a vision in my head this was going to be ‘mostly for boys/men’ I went for my initial appointment. 

Whilst I had researched Mitch thoroughly! I still got my husband to drop me off and collect me, seems rather daft now as the one hour sessions are my mental and physical release from the entire world!!! In a perfectly safe and now, the world we live in, a Coronavirus safe environment!

At the start I was devastated to discover just how poor my strength and flexibility was and my co-ordination has often been poor but it was dreadful with weighing over 100 kilos at only 5ft 4 to start with the first week was one hell of a challenge!! As I had been active 20 years ago, I tried to put my brain back into that zone, although my body at 53 was definitely rebelling!! 

Mitch was superbly patient and clear with instructions and motivational and provided excellent distraction techniques by talking with little snippets about his wife and her work and his daughters and how proud he is of them both and how as a family they all follow good health, food and fitness practices and Mitch offered great food tips and some very interesting facts about how certain foods and drink can really affect calories on the body ... I was a chef for over 20 years, and I learnt things I did not know!! Mitch works with you every step of the way and makes sure each exercise is done correctly with good posture! My progress has been slow and steady as we had lockdown and my work meant I had to juggle appointments however towards the end of my first programme I started to notice my clothes fitted differently and I was not so out of breath, my stamina was better, I could walk for longer and faster, I could bend and twist and move and reach things far more easily even at home in the kitchen for example. This spurred me on to try even harder and I noticed I was coming out of the sessions feeling yes like I had worked out but feeling absolutely fantastic! My head was clear of anything other than the workout that has been done and I felt good!!

The final week we reviewed my measurements my flexibility and my strength and yes my progress at weight loss is slow, but I have lost inches and I am stronger and far more flexible, and this is with work interruptions, so my sessions were not as consistent as I wanted them to be and as Mitch would like them to have been.  I am now about to start my second programme with Mitch, and I cannot wait!!  Never ever since I began the menopause at 39 and came out of it at 50, never has anything ever, ever worked for me before.

I feel as if my energy, flexibility and strength I had in my 30’s is on its way back and whilst I now sail, I do believe I will be flexible and light enough to get back on a horse AND I will be fit enough to scuba dive again which is something this time last year I would have never thought could ever be a possibility.

To anyone thinking you can’t lose weight, it won’t go, feeling less strong and less flexible than you did and I am going to say if you are pre, mid or post menopause give Mitch a call and discuss. It is the best phone call I ever made! .... I just wish I had made it sooner!!!!!

Lovely gentleman, total professional, and huge knowledge of exercise and nutritional diet. 

Thank you


August 2020