Alan Gandy

Currently involved in helping Alan Gandy:- 

On April 7th this year, Alan will begin his next trek. He is going to walk all of the seven main Canary Islands... he will cover on foot the lengths of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma. No small thing eh?

So - he's been in training for this with me, keeping him on target and disciplined.

He is raising money for the same two charities that he raised money for last year... Ninos del Tercer Mundo (raising money for schools and village projects in the 3rd world), and The Rose Road Association  (a charity in the UK that supports handicapped children and their families).


We really could do with lots of help - and so are unashamedly asking for your support. Of course, not everyone can afford to sponsor him (and of course, charity donations are a very personal choice)... but there are other ways you can help as more publicity means more funds for the Rose Road Association and Niños del Tercer Mundo!


1.    Join his Facebook page and share links to articles and updates displayed on the page or this site on Facebook.

2.    Follow him on Twitter and retweet his tweets.

3.    Tell your friends via social networks or in person.

4.    If you have a blog or website write about it, or if you have a website please link to the Just Givingpage.

5.    If you have a bar would you consider arranging a fund raising event at the time? (For instance, when he did the Lanzarote walk last year the staff of Wax Bar in Playa Blanca donated their tips)

6.    If you have another form of business would you consider something else you can do you help? (For instance, Allan Day has offered a large percentage of his online music sales for the period Alan's away)

7.    If you work, spread the word amongst your colleagues.

8.    Do you have any goods, or services you could donate that we can either auction or sell off?

9.    Do you have contacts on the other islands that could help?

 He does not need kit for the walks, as this has been supported very kindly by Axia FX, the currency specialists.


Well probably come up with some more ideas between now and when he does the walk, but we’d also love to hear any suggestions you might have if you want to email Alan direct on or contact me.