Finca Malvasia

Personal Training, Fitness & Active holidays.

Mitch is delighted to announce partnership with Finca Malvasia to offer great fitness holidays. These holidays are for those who want to ensure they look and feel their best this summer. They're designed to provide you with the kick-start you need to get back on track.

 Your fitness holiday is not a competitive training camp or army-style boot camp, unless of course you want it to be. It is designed for guests to challenge themselves physically while staying in stylish accommodation on the stunning island of Lanzarote. Increasing your energy levels is the aim of the week through a variety of exercise classes, and tasty, healthy food. Mitch offers a creative and dynamic method of helping you to achieve your goals including a personal customised fitness program featuring a combination of boxercise & kickboxing, weight training, stability core exercises,tabata protocols, Nordic walking, beach walk & runs, exercise in water and aqua aerobic, and the all-important nutrition & advice.

Located, only a 10 minute drive from Finca Malvasia, Mitch can train guests at his private & exclusive studio gym and pool, which also includes an outside training area. Or if you prefer he can come to train you directly at Finca Malvasia. Combine your fitness regime, with stylish accommodation, stunning volcanic landscapes, beautiful beaches, and the opportunity to relax in style at the end of the day.

 Our aim is for you to return home, re-energised, revitalized with a positive outlook, having kick-started your new sustainable healthier lifestyle in the most enjoyable way possible. You'll also leave with a personal training programme to follow at home as part of your everyday routine.

 So if you're ready to get active, please contact us for further information.                                                                      

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12 Mar 2011, 05:10
Mitch Mitchell,
22 Aug 2011, 07:26