9 Lives Lanzarote

How You Can Help


There are many different ways you can help and get involved in supporting 9 Lives Lanzarote. The list below shows what we need:

Active Involvement

(Please note: if you are involved in physically handling cats you will need a Tetanus vaccination – these last for 10 years so please check the last date that you have had this)

  • Volunteers to help catch and trap cats.
  • Vets or veterinary nurses who can spare time and supplies.
  • Volunteers for fundraising events/jumble sales.
  • Handy persons/woodworkers who can build the Cat Cafés.
  • Spanish speakers for setting up relations with owners of tourist complexes.
  • Drivers.

Inactive Involvement and Support

  • Bric-a-brac and clothes for the fundraising jumble sales.
  • Make a Donation via PayPal - Click on the PayPal Button below
  • If you prefer to donate cash, please Contact Us and we will arrange to meet with you.
  • Sturdy cat carriers that you don´t need any longer.
  • Donations of Cat Food.
  • “Services” Donations such as printing of pamphlets, stickers, badges/t-shirts for volunteers etc.
For further info go to www.9liveslanzarote.com